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Thinking About Having an Outdoor Tipi Wedding? Let’s Chat!

So, you’re thinking about going for the whole outdoor tipi wedding thing? Awesome! Let’s have a chat about why this might just be the way to make your big day unforgettable. Think boho vibes, the great outdoors, and a wedding that’s all about you.

What’s the Big Deal About Outdoor Tipi Weddings?

Okay, let’s start with the basics. Imagine this: Nordic kata tipis set up against a backdrop of nature’s finest Worcestershire countryside. Picture saying your vows with the sun shining down, under a starry night, or surrounded by the sound of the winds passing through the trees in our woodland ceremonial area. It’s like a fairy tale – it really is

Why Go for an Outdoor Tipi Wedding?

Outdoor tipi weddings aren’t your average hotel function room. Nope, they’re all about breaking the mould and embracing something that’s 100% you. These magical Teepees create an intimate atmosphere that’s cozy and perfect for celebrating close to your favourite people.

Nature Gets a Front-Row Seat:

Mother Nature becomes your wedding co-star. The tipis and nature’s beauty come together in a way that gives your wedding that rustic-chic vibe everyone’s going to love. Just imagine those wedding pictures with sunsets, trees, flower meadows and all that natural goodness.

Let Your Creativity Come Through:

Teepee weddings are like a playground for your creativity. Whether you’re into vintage charm, boho beauty, or your own unique blend, these Teepees are your canvas. Lanterns, fairy lights, rustic farm décor, refurbished and upcycled bits and bobs– the possibilities are endless, and it’s all about you!

Pro Tips for Smooth Sailing:

Okay, Tipi Farm Weddings are the bee’s knees, but they come with a few things to consider. Weather can be your bestie or a bit of nuisance, so having a backup plan is a smart move. At Coopers Farm Tipis we can adapt the space so that the weather doesn’t interfere with your special day.

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